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Express Stress Relief™

Are you stressed and your muscles all tied up in knots?  Nothing can help melt the stress away and give you the therapeutic rapid stress and natural pain relief like hot stones.  This session focuses on the “Chronic Office Syndrome” areas we see so often with tight shoulders, neck and low back tension and pain.  With this express session you’ll get the focused areas treated that needs it so much.  

Warm stones are used along with a combination back massage to the key areas of the back and neck where stress and pain accumulate.  In this express session you get the rapid relaxing relief that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to get back to world refreshed.

Fee: $45…..30 minute session 

Medi-Cupping Express

Medi-Cupping is one of the best and fastest ways to treat tight tense muscles and pain.  The massage cups are glided across the restricted muscles and the tight, restricted tissue is lifted and relaxed with the benefit of the vacu-cupping.  The stress and tension melts as the cups bring in fresh blood flow, release the tension, trigger points and stagnant areas.  

This express session is designed to address the key areas of pain and stress holding patterns on the back, neck and shoulders.  

When you need rapid relief and only have a little time, then this express cupping session is designed just for you.  We address the key areas where you need pain and stress relief and get you back out and going again feeling great.

Fee:  $45….30 minute session

Orient Express Massage™

Orient Express Massage Health Studio

For those wanting only the best, but have only a limited amount of time, we offer the Orient Express session. This is a blend of the best from both the East and West. Your tight, tense muscles will be treated with a deep tissue massage to the shoulders, back and neck area with a blend of pure essential oils, followed by the energy technique of Reiki and Quantum Touch to leave you relaxed, balanced and ready to head back out to conquer the world once again.

Fee: $45…30 Minute session


Stress Buster

Get the rapid relief from stress that you need. This session addresses the primary areas where the body holds stress.  We work the reflex points on the feet, as well as the back to bring instant relief and relaxation. Stress doesn’t just go away, it accumulates!  Get fast relief of neck, shoulder and low back pain, then you can return to your busy life relaxed and at ease!

Fee: $45…30 minute session

Relax & Recharge

Recharge Session

This session is for those wanting the ultimate relaxing combo to recharge the body, mind and spirit.  Your entire body is electrical and each cell in your body functions like a battery which holds a charge.  This therapy combo is designed to support the body’s natural ability to optimize its cellular functioning. This blend of therapies can help with pain relief, stress relief, circulatory and lymphatic function as well as helping the body to reduce inflammation.  Your relaxing recharge session includes the blend of far-infrared therapy, red light therapy, PEMF (Pulsating Electro Magnetic Frequency), and chromo therapy along with the healing benefits of both jade and tourmaline warmed stones.  Additionally, while you relax on the stone heated table your body and the entire room will be enveloped in your custom color for the ultimate chromo therapy experience.  As your muscles and mind unwind you will experience the synergistic benefit of 5 simultaneous therapies in one session. You’ll leave feeling relaxed and recharged.

 Fee: $50…30 Minute session 


Chinese Cupping Facial Massage

Chinese Cupping Facial massage is a treatment for both the beauty and health of the face and neck area. Cupping massage will help to drain and move stagnant lymph fluid from the face and reduce puffiness. The benefits include increased circulation to the skin, bringing nutrition to the surface and enhancing the absorption of natural products.

The facial muscles benefit from the reduction of tightness and tension reducing the appearance of expression lines. Muscles associated with TMJ can be treated with this method to reduce the strain and tension pattern in the joint. Lines, wrinkles and scar tissue will soften from Chinese Cupping Facial massage with noticeable changes in your appearance and the overall health of your skin. The technique is gentle, relaxing and effective.

Fee:  $65

Kansa Facial Massage

Kansa Facial Massage is a gentle and relaxing face lifting massage technique that uses a bronze caped massage wand with organic oils.

Relax and enjoy this customized facial massage using the Kansa wand. The Kansa facial massage helps to gently stimulate the facial nerves, acupressure points and the lymphatic system. This assists the skin in hydration, toning, and smoothing of fine lines.  With the stimulation of the lymphatic system excess fluid or puffiness is diminished leaving you relaxed and your skin rejuvenated.

Fee:  $65

Quantum Touch Facial Massage

A Quantum Touch Facial Massage is the ultimate anti-aging treatment! This session leaves the skin both firmer and more energized. This relaxing treatment helps to slow down the aging process and achieve younger healthier looking skin.  This deluxe treatment blends the relaxing benefits of hydrotherapy, pure essential oils and energy medicine to leave you refreshed and your face rejuvenated from day to day stresses.

Fee:  $65

Japanese Zen Facial Massage

Our rejuvenating Japanese Facial Massage combines facial pressure points, lymphatic drainage, and specific facial sculpting moves that will relax, uplift, nourish and tone your facial muscles while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Our facial massage includes the use of moist heat, anti-aging pure essential oils, as well as a complete neck and shoulder massage.  Experience this luxurious treatment from the East to help you keep a youthful appearance.

Fee: $65

***All Facial Massage Services are performed by Licensed Massage Therapist.  The services do not include extractions, microderm or waxing services which are performed by a Licensed Facial Specialist.***

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