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Quantum Reiki™

Reiki is a gentle technique from Asia that is used for pain and stress relief. It is a method that effectively addresses problems on the physical, emotional or spiritual level of the individual. It has been used in hospitals, hospice centers, ER’s, therapy centers and homes for many years to bring relief and relaxation. It is a hands on Energy Medicine technique for healing which allows the life force energy to flow to the area of most need in the individual. The individual often experiences the sensation of deep heat in the area that is being addressed as the body balances, restores and addresses the healing that is needed. The individual remains clothed during the session. Our Quantum Reiki method links back an ancient and missing element of most Reiki sessions that’s knowledge was not passed forward to most modern day practitioners.  This is a powerful, yet gentle technique that leaves you relaxed and tranquil.

Fee: $75

Energy Field Balancing

3,000 year ago the ancient Qigong masters in China were practicing there meditative discipline to balance and invigorate the human energy field.  They called this vital energy that pervades all forms, both animate and inanimate, Qi (pronounced Chi).  The Qi is the vital energy of the body.  When your energy field surrounding the body is balanced you experience good health and longevity.  When your energy is imbalanced you can experience poor health. Your energy field is affected by places, people, events and stress.  Negative events, people, and continuous stress have a negative effect on the energy field of the body, and on your health.  When the energy field and Qi are balanced you have good health and good energy.  Our clients report feeling lighter and clearer mentally and physically after having the process done, as though the weight of the world has been lifted off of them.

Fee:  $65

Tibetan Bowl Sound Massage™

Sound has been used by many cultures for thousands of years to restore and retain health and well-being. It has been used widely in Europe and other countries for treating many conditions from stress, anxiety, panic attacks, arthritis, post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD), stroke patients, cancer patients and many more conditions.  This method utilizes Tibetan bowls that have been specifically created and selected for healing and bringing the body back into harmony.   It is highly effective for pain reduction and recovery from injuries, as well as reducing the cumulative effects of daily stress.  Sound massage is deeply relaxing.  In the session you will remain clothed and relax on the massage table as the bowls are placed on or around your body.  You will feel deeply relaxed after your session and will be amazed at how well your body feels.

Fee: $75

Detox Foot Spa

This is a gentle method to release toxins from the body through a warm foot bath or “ashiyu” in Japanese, that uses ions to pull toxins out of over 2000 pores in your feet. The foot spa leaves you feeling relaxed and refreshed. This service includes foot reflexology as well as the application of pure essential oils. Our clients with neuropathy have seen a great deal of improvement with this service.  Take some of the stress off your body, detox today and feel for yourself the many benefits.  Try it and you too will say “My feet never felt so good”!

Fee: $60


Recharge Session

This session is for those wanting the ultimate relaxing combo to recharge the body, mind and spirit.  Your entire body is electrical and each cell in your body functions like a battery which holds a charge.  This non-invasive combo is designed to support the body’s natural ability to optimize its cellular functioning. This combo can help with pain relief, stress relief, circulatory and lymphatic function as well as helping the body to reduce inflammation.  This relaxing session includes the blend of far-infrared therapy, red light therapy, PEMF (Pulsating Electro Magnetic Frequency), and chromo therapy along with the healing benefits of both jade and tourmaline warmed stones.  Additionally, while you relax on the stone heated table your body and the entire room will be enveloped in your custom color for the ultimate chromo therapy experience.  As your muscles and mind unwind you will experience the synergistic benefit of 5 simultaneous therapies in one session. You’ll leave feeling relaxed and recharged.

 Fee: $50…30 Minute session 


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