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About our business

The Health Studio has been at its current location for over 20 years. The office is located in Jacksonville, Florida in Historic Arlington next to the Norman Studios.

Entering the Health Studio is like entering a serene world far away from the pain and stress of daily living. The Health Studio was established as a place where people could come to experience natural pain and stress relief.

The business founder, Leiah Carr, discovered in her own journey of healing from traumatic auto accidents that there was a piece missing in the conventional medical approach.  After the patient was released from the ER or hospital stay, and beyond the prescription solution, there was no other avenue for the patient to recover.   Thus in her own journey she began the quest for additional health solutions.  Her desire was to find ways to restore peace, balance and eliminate pain naturally.   She began to study multiple modalities in this search for health and healing.  This eventually led to her receiving her license in Massage Therapy.   Massage was one of the keys in her healing process and the relief of constant pain.   She has coupled this with many other natural techniques that she shares to help others.   

The Health Studio provides natural pain and stress relief therapies, natural health products, and self empowering educational opportunities to help yourself or others.

We invite you to come and experience one of the many avenues through which we can help you to restore balance, reduce pain, and assist you in your health and healing journey.

What drives us

Our desire is to serve and help others. Our primary goal is to help relieve pain and unhealthy stress naturally. We do this through multiple avenues. Foremost is through our health care services, second is through quality products that work, and third is through the avenue of education
Leiah Carr

The Health Studio

The best way to experience our services is to schedule an appointment.  Allow the aromas and customized therapy to restore your body, mind and spirit.

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6325 Arlington Road, Jacksonville, FL 32211

OFFICE (904) 351-8012

FAX (904) 744-6108

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