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Below you will find a list of the various educational courses we offer that will increase and expand your skills and knowledge.  All courses require preregistration so that we can ensure that we have all the reference material available for you. We make sure every class is easily understood and that all students leave with a new level of expertise. Join our course and start expanding your knowledge.





Dr. Nelson Bach developed the Bach Flower Essences in the early 1900’s. They have been used successfully in healing for many years.  The power of the essences is profound, yet gentle and subtle.  In this class you will learn about all of the Bach flower essences and their effect on the mind/body/spirit of an individual.  You will learn how the essences can affect and help balance the emotions. You will learn how to select the appropriate essence for your client through applied kinesiology.  You will also learn how to combine essences for a synergistic blend.  You will learn a powerful technique to implement into your massage sessions to allow the individual to release negativity and holding patterns quickly.  


Four-hour class.  Class time is 9-1.  Reference material, essence sample and certificate included.


Prerequisite:  None

Cost:  $225




The Bars technique was created 20 years ago, and is expanding rapidly in the USA.  This technique is practiced in 25 different countries and is widely practiced throughout Europe and Australia.  The Bars technique is just now reaching Florida.  This is an energy based technique that relates to 32 points on the head and body.  As you hold these points or “run the bars”, old patterns, old beliefs, judgments, emotions, blocks, etc. are rapidly eliminated. In addition to the holding points on the body, you will also learn a technique that teaches you how to use a verbal technique to clear blockages and patterns at an accelerated pace. Both methods learned can be a stand alone technique or incorporated with other treatment modalities. Access Bar’s is a powerful acupressure technique for the body, mind and spirit.


Eight hour class.  Class time 9-6 with a one hour lunch. Reference manual, point chart and certificate included.


Prerequisite:  None

Cost:  $200   Repeat Student Cost:  $100 (new manual not included)

CE’s included (This is a fantastic modality to add to your practice and life!)




Biochemic cell salts are powerful tools for your tool box.  They have been used to improve health and healing since the early 1930’s.  There are 12 basic salts that already exist in the body. You will learn about each of these and the effect that an imbalance can have on the system.  You will learn how to use, and how to determine which is the appropriate cell salt to use.  


Three-hour class. Class time 9-12 or 1-4.  Reference material, cell salt samples, book, and certificate included.


Prerequisite:  None

Cost:  $200




Traditional Usui Reiki: Oriental method of hands on healing and stress relief.  The student will learn all traditional hand positions for this oriental technique which treats physical pain and discomfort.  This technique is excellent for relieving stress as well as physical symptoms.


One day class. Class time is 4 hours.  Reiki manual, book, instructional chart, and certificate included.  Hands on experience will allow you to begin treating someone the very same day as you learn the technique.  Private or group classes.  Contact for class schedule.


Prerequisite: None

Cost $250 (Learn how to easily incorporate energy medicine into your life)




Traditional Usui Reiki:  Level II expands the knowledge and skill learned in the USUI Reiki Level I course.  Level II allows the individual to treat not only physical symptoms, but emotional patterns as well.  Reiki Levell II allows the individual to send Reiki to a distant recipient as well.  Hands on experience will include necessary skills, techniques, information and procedures.  


One day class.  Class time is 9-4 with a one-hour lunch.  Reiki manual, book, CD, and certificate included.  Hands on experience will allow you to begin treating and implementing techniques the same day.  Private or group classes.  Contact for class schedule.


Pre-requisite:  Level I Reiki (Certification required)

Cost $400




Traditional Usui Reiki Master training.  Level III combines all knowledge learned in Levels I and II and expands the teaching methods and procedures.  The individual will learn how to treat physical, emotional and spiritual issues.  Additional techniques will be learned and applied.  The individual will learn how to teach Reiki to others and how to develop their teaching style.  They will learn how to attune individuals to practice Reiki themselves.  Level III will include hands on experience to allow the individual to become comfortable with the skills, techniques, and information.


Full one-day class.  Class time is 9-6 with a one-hour lunch.  Reiki manual, book, chart and CD included.  Hands on experience will allow you to create your own Reiki classes the very next day. Private or group classes (limited group class size).  Contact for class schedule.


Pre-requisite:  Level I & II (Certification required)

Cost $750




This is a introductory level class for individuals or therapists that want to begin working with and utilizing pure essential oils.  This class covers the most frequently used essential oils for home, health and healing.  You will learn the basic history of the oils, appropriate uses, application techniques as well as precautionary measures.  You will receive oil samples to use in the class as well as literature on each oil.  Hands on experience and reference material that is provided will allow you to confidently begin implementing the use of the oils in your home, on yourself or others the very same day.  Pure Essential Oils, reference material and certificate included.


3-hour class 9-12 or 1-4.  


Prerequisite:  None

Cost $175/person




This course will delve into the powerful uses of pure essential oils.  You will learn the historical uses of essential oils as well as physical conditions that may benefit from the application.  You will learn a variety of techniques for application as well as how to blend for synergistic health benefits.  You will learn contra-indications for the use of specific oils.


Six-hour class.  Class time 9-4 with a one-hour lunch.  The class will include essential oils, manual, reference chart, CD for client educational handouts, blending and application materials, certificate. (Limited Class size)


Prerequisite:  None

Cost $300


SPECIAL! Aromatherapy intro. students receive 10% off this class!




This course will expand knowledge learned in Aromatherapy 101.  You will enhance your skills in the use of pure essential oils.  You will learn techniques to assist individuals in treating physical, emotional, or spiritual imbalances.  The course will cover information related to the Eastern and Western use of essential oils.  The Ayurvedic and Chinese systems will be incorporated into the course.  This advanced level course will cover applied kinesiology techniques as well as blending techniques for specific treatment applications.


One-day class.  Class time 9-6 on Saturday with a one-hour lunch. This 8-hour course is a comprehensive and in-depth full day of information and hands-on practicum. It includes an Aromatherapy Manual, essential oils, blending materials, reference charts, information CD, Reference Book and Aromatherapy Certification included.  (Limited Class size)


Prerequisite:  Aromatherapy 101

Cost: $500

(valued at $625)

This ONE-DAY course is specifically designed for busy professionals and therapists who value their time that want to receive their certification in one day versus two.




Learn how to apply the art of Feng Shui to your business to enhance creativity and success.  You will learn information related to the ancient compass technique of empowering your work space.  Learn what might be holding or blocking your success in your work environment.  You will learn how to utilize the art of Feng Shui to build successful relationships and to expand your reputation.  Learn how clutter and placement can impact your success. This is a fun and informative class that will provide you with the necessary information, and techniques to make changes and improvements to your work environment that will position you for success!


Three-hour class 9-12 or 1-4.  Reference charts, manual, CD included.

(Learn ways to increase your revenue and prosperity in 2020)

Prequisite:  None

Cost:  $150      




This class is for students, newly Licensed Massage Therapists, and experienced Therapists as well.  This class will help you to define the direction of your career and design a plan to achieve set goals for success.

You will learn how to evaluate whether a course of action is in alignment with your goals for your career.  How to create a target timeline to evaluate your career goals and progress.  Take the time to map out and design your massage career and save yourself time, energy and money by reaching your goals for success in a more direct and productive manner.


Six Hour class 9-4 with a one hour lunch.  Reference manual included.


Prerequisite:  None

Cost:  $150

(This one course alone will save you money and time in your career Valued at over $500)




This course teaches you the Lei-Stone method.  You will learn about the history and application of hot stones in healing rituals from around the world.  You will learn proper preparation, handling, cleaning and disinfecting methods.  You will learn how to do a complete session that will leave your client in total bliss from the experience.  The Lei-Stone method is a blending of many indigenous healing traditions combined into one seamless session.  You will have hands on time to get a good grasp for the technique so that you leave the class competent and ready to begin to implement the technique into your menu of services.  Since this is such a specialized treatment you will be able to work smarter not harder and enjoy your session time with your clients.  Each session provides an opportunity for healing to both the therapist and the client.  


This is an 8 hour class.  Class time is 9-6 with a one hour lunch. Reference manual, placement chart, certificate and stone set included.


Prerequisite:  None

Cost: $300  (A course created to increase your revenue the very next day)




Learn how to analyze the bodies structure to determine the appropriate course of treatment.  In this course you will learn how to perform a posture analysis to create a treatment plan based on your evaluation.  This method helps you to work smarter not harder and to measure your results in a goals/outcome based method. This class is ideal for the new or experienced therapist who is looking for a method to measure their work and document their results.  


Four hour class 9-1 or 1-5.  Reference chart, handouts, certificate included.


Prerequisite: None

Cost:  $150




Learn this Native American technique for balancing and harmonizing the systems of the body.  This technique works with the application of specific pure essential oils in a systematic order that assist the body in balancing and healing.  This course is effective for both the lay person or the professional.  Learn the correct method with hands on training that enables you to practice this skill on others the very same day.  This technique can be offered as a stand alone modality or incorporated in with other therapy treatments to increase your revenue.


Four hour class 9-1 or 1-5.  Reference Chart, handouts, certificate included. Essential oils kit sold separately.


Prerequisite:  None

Cost:  $150 (Limited time price for 2016)




This is a rapid method of shifting old limiting beliefs, fears and negative thought patterns.  Through the use of muscle testing we can determine the belief, fear or pattern that your body, mind and spirit are ready to release.  This method will allow you to easily remove those old limitations.  The body and mind integrate the changes very quickly.  These old beliefs may have come from childhood, the media or life events.  Thoughts from our childhood such as money doesn’t grow on trees, which can impact our ability to attract, receive and maintain a level of prosperity can easily be shifted.  You will gain an understanding of the biology of beliefs, the energy system and how thoughts impact us on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level that manifest out into our reality that we see on a daily basis.  This technique allows you to identify these thought forms and rapidly eliminate them.


Six hour class 9-4 with a one hour lunch.  Reference material and certificate included.


Prerequisite:  None

Cost:  $225




This is a class which incorporates fun, healing and knowledge all in one.  This class utilizes experiential methods of color application for balancing the body, mind and spirit.  This class will give a basic understanding of various methods of using color for health and healing.  You will play and learn  using a variety of methods of working with color.  You will learn the basic elements of color and how they impact you on multiple levels.  You will discover the area and aspect of yourself that is out of balance and learn how to self correct with the use of color.  Comfortable clothing is necessary, preferably in solid black or white.


Five hour class 9-3 with a one-hour lunch.  Reference material provided.


Prerequisite: None

Cost:  $125




Learn this rapid healing technique that will eliminate pain, and speed healing.  This technique is unlike any energy medicine technique you may currently practice.  Clients can feel the rapid changes while they are occurring. This is a technique that can be a stand alone treatment or can be added to any service for additional income and benefits to the client.  Also great for individuals to learn who just want to help treat themselves, friends or family members.


6 hour class 9-4 with a one-hour lunch.  Reference material provided.

Prerequisite: None

Cost: $375.00

(Dates for 2012 coming soon!)




Learn how to use your Power of Intent effectively.  Learn methods and techniques that will harness your power of intention to create success.  Learn visual effects that can complement and enhance your powers of intention for success!  Practicum time in class to put your new skills to use immediately!


Three hour class 9-12 or 1-4.  Reference material provided.


Prerequisite:   None

Cost:  $150 (Achieve your goals in 2016 by learning this valuable technique)




Learn about body systems, history and use of herbs, which herbs are effective for specific.  You will also learn how to incorporate applied kinesiology to properly test which is the most effective herb for your clients health.  You will have a good grasp on the knowledge and use of herbs to incorporate into your practice or to begin using as a new business.


Two day class. Day one 9-4 with a one hour lunch, day two 9-3 with a one hour lunch.  Manual and certification provided.


Prerequisite:  None

Cost:  $375 (Increase your knowledge to help yourself and others in 2016)




Learn how the eyes are the window to the soul.  You will gain an understanding of how the view of the iris corresponds to various areas of the body for analysis of health and wellness.  This course will give you a hands on experience to begin using your iridology skills and analyzing clients the next day.


One day class-9-5 with a one hour lunch.  Handout, Iridology chart and client intake forms.


Prerequisite:  None

Cost:  $200




Learn about the power of color and how to incorporate this powerful method of healing into your toolbox.  You will learn the history and use of color through the ages, the psychology of color and its effect on mood and atmosphere, the proper color to use to improve health and various conditions.  How to determine through muscle testing the best color to use to balance you  or your clients current energy needs. How to set up a color treatment session, room and more.  Experience for yourself the power of color in our treatment room. You will gain valuable hands-on experience that will help you and your clients immediately!


One day class-9-5 with a one hour lunch.  Handouts, charts, reference material and certificate included.


Prerequisite:  None

Cost:  $200




Reflexology dates back thousands of years as a healing art form. This method has been used by many ancient cultures from the Egyptians to the Chinese. There are points on the feet, hands and ears that correspond to every organ in the body. Learn this hands-on technique that can be incorporated into your massage session or stand alone as a separate treatment method.  This class is for lay people as well as professionals who want to see and experience results and improvements in their or their clients health.  Leiah studied under a master of reflexology over 25 years ago.  She has actively practiced reflexology on family, friends and clients ever since.  She had a life changing healing experience after a reflexology session and began to commit to learning all she could from this master reflexologist. Come and learn first hand from her many years of hands on experience.


Six hour class 9-4 with a one hour lunch.  Charts, book, reference manual and certificate provided.


Prerequisite:  None

Cost: $250 (Streamlined method to save you time and earn you more money)




Sound Massage is a very powerful modality.  This method can benefit you or your clients with stress and pain.  You can use this method as a stand alone treatment or incorporate it easily to amplify the effects of your current treatments.  Learn more about the extensive sound healing seminars we offer through the International Sound Healing Institute.  


Visit our  link:




Vital Touch is a technique used to eliminate or reduce pain in the muscular system.  This is a rapid energy medicine technique that releases pain and the associated patterns related to it.  It quickly restores the muscular tissue and the body to a pain free state.  It has been used to treat acute and chronic pain conditions.  Vital Touch has been highly affected on a variety of conditions with quick results.  Your clients will feel and experience the results almost immediately.  This method has been effective for treating pain in both children, adults and seniors with lasting results.  Vital touch blends easily with massage therapy for session with maximum results.  Vital Touch is an energy based healing modality.  A basic understanding and experience of energy medicine is recommended for those taking this course.


Six hour class 9-4 with a one hour lunch.  Charts, reference manual and certificate provided.


Prerequisite:  None

Cost: $200




Elemental Balance is an energy medicine technique that is based on the ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Five Element Theory.  The Elemental Balance technique balanced the meridian and organ systems of the body restoring inner balance and inner calm.  It is a deeply relaxing modality that leaves your clients with a deep sense of inner peace and stillness.  Individuals that have received and Elemental Balance session often comment on how their pain and stress levels are greatly reduced or completely eliminated after one session.  In the Elemental Balance session deep insight and additional information are gained that can be used after the session to help individuals maintain their state of balance.  You will learn the basis of the Five Element Theory and their connection to healing.  You will learn how to connect energetically with your client.  You will have a complete grasp of the session protocol and the resources to help your client after the session with handouts and educational material.


Eight hour class, 9-6 with a one hour lunch.  Charts, reference material, educational handouts, and certificate provided.


Prerequisite:  None

Cost:  $300




You will learn how to analyze breathing patterns as connected to the muscular system.  Learn how imbalances in your proper breath cycle can affect your organs, life span, stress levels and more.  Learn methods to correct the imbalance and to restore proper breathing patterns.  You will learn how this method can restore balance, health, energy, stamina, and improve your life and that of your clients in multiple ways.


This is a content rich six hour class.  Class time is 9-4 with a one hour lunch.  Reference manual, charts, and certificate included.


Prerequisite:   None

Cost:  $250  (Valued at over $450)




The Advanced Structural Rehab Specialist is an advanced certification course that incorporates the blending of multiple course and techniques.  An Advanced Structural Rehab Therapists has the ability and understanding of how to treat a client on multiple levels for healing: body, mind, spirit.  You will learn to understand and connect the structure and function of the body and how to effectively address and treat the underlying pattern of dysfunction in the body.  You will use a blending of the physical techniques along with the energetic techniques to be able to pull the proper and most effective tool from your tool box.  You will learn muscle testing techniques and treatments as well as energy based based healing techniques and methods to help the client maintain their balance.  In order to receive the certification you must have the following courses:


Structural Analysis For Muscular Therapy


Advanced Aromatherapy

Balanced Breathing

Reiki (minimum of Level II)


Two of the following energy medicine courses:


Quantum Touch

Vital Touch

Bars Technique

Raindrop Technique

Thought Form Technique

Elemental Balance


This is a fast paced two day course of accelerated learning.  You will learn new information to blend with the prior course selections of study.  You will learn how to blend out come based therapy with need based therapy for the clients healing.  You will learn how pain affects the overall person on multiple levels and how to address and clear the pain patterns of dysfunction. This course will also incorporate review of the previous studies, as well as time to work hands on with other students and actual case studies.


Class time is 9-6 day one, 9-4 day two with a one hour lunch break.  This course certification is only held a few times each year.  Please check the calendar for dates.


Reference manual, charts, educational handouts, reference book selection for your educational library included, as well as your certification certificate.


Prerequisite:  Listed above

Cost:  $400







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