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Information for your first appointment

Initial Personalized Phone Consultation

In your initial call to us, we will have a complimentary brief phone consultation with you. The goal of this consultation is to determine what type service you are seeking, what you expect to receive from the session, and to be sure this is the best match for what you want to achieve.  This way you are sure to receive exactly what you want and need.


If you have questions about the various types of massage therapy or wellness services, please don’t hesitate to ask.


We are located in Historic Arlington in a mid-century modern office building located next to the Historic Norman Studios.  Look for the triangular shaped roof lines and the hibiscus blooming out front.

We provide you with:

• Complimentary hot packs during your session and

• Complimentary water at the end of your session and

• During the holidays we provide treats & sweets

Please remember – we are not a spa!

The rooms are not completely sound-proof and sometimes you do hear noise from outside. You won’t get the fuzzy slippers BUT you will receive the highest quality of services at the best value around, along with a warm welcome.


There is free and ample parking directly behind the office.  The office entrance is from the front.  Look for the wide sidewalk that is directly out front of the office entrance. Once you park, simply stroll around the side of the building to the sidewalk and entrance.

Hours: Open most holidays!

The Health Studio is a Private Practice.  We do not offer walk in appointments.  All appointments need to be scheduled over the phone or online.  We do occasionally have cancellations and same day sessions, but you will need to call/text to schedule or use the online booking link.  All online appointment request must be confirmed by us to guarantee the appointment is scheduled.

We are open by appointment:

Monday – Friday 9:30 – 6:30pm

Saturday 10:30 – 2:30pm
(Closed Sunday) 

Upon arriving for your appointment:

Once you arrive at the Health Studio you will be given a new client packet of forms. (available to download online). These will cover items such as your contact information and a history of any medical condition that the Massage Therapist should be aware of that would affect the massage therapy services provided.  Once you have completed the intake forms the Massage Therapist will go over the forms and any questions that you or the Massage Therapist may have will be covered.  If you have specific areas that you would like to have therapy focused on or areas that you would like to have avoided, now is the best time to make sure your Massage Therapist knows.  By communicating your preferences you can ensure you receive the best massage therapy session possible.  If you need to use the rest room, do so before the massage therapy session begins so that you can relax and be comfortable during your time on the massage table. 

Once you enter the treatment room you will be shown where you can place your clothes and shoes.The Massage Therapist will also communicate how you will start your session, your placement on the table, and ask if you need any assistance getting on to the massage therapy table.  The height of the massage table is set so that the Massage Therapist can do the best work without hurting the Therapist.  If a step stool is needed simply ask.  The height can vary from Massage Therapist to Massage Therapist.  

You will be left in the room to disrobe to your level of comfort and get under the top sheet of the linens on the massage table.  Additional towel draping is also provided.  When your massage therapy session begins it is very important that you communicate with your Massage Therapist during your therapy session. Each patient is unique and each person has a different level of pain tolerance and comfort, so it is important for you to communicate if at any point the pressure is to deep, to strong, or uncomfortable in any way.  While the Massage Therapist at the Health Studio are highly skilled and trained, they are unable to feel what you feel.  By simply sharing any level of discomfort the Massage Therapist can easily adjust for your comfort.  

A broad misconception by many is that massage therapy should be painful to be beneficial.  This simply isn’t the case and can actually at times cause more harm. This is the difference you will discover when you have a massage therapy service or other holistic therapy at the Health Studio.  Our level of personal care, compassion and high level of expertise is what makes our health care services different and unique.  Your health and healing is our top priority, and massage therapy and natural health therapy service is our specialty.

 100% Satisfaction Guarantee — or You Don’t Pay!
We are the ONLY center that offers you a
 100% satisfaction guarantee or you don’t pay for your service. We are that sure of our skills, knowledge and ability to help you get results.

How Our Guarantee Works:

When you call to schedule your appointment, we will perform a brief initial phone consultation to ask some specific questions.

Through this complimentary phone consultation we can be sure we can provide the results you are seeking. If accepted as a client, you will be scheduled with the best therapist and most appropriate service or program for your needs.

We guarantee that you’ll feel 100% satisfied with the results of your session, or you don’t pay for it.

When You Call Let Us Know:

  • Your goal for the session
  • If you have been in an accident recently
  • Is this a Worker Compensation claim
  • Do you have a preference of male or female therapist
  • Are you pregnant and if so, if there are any complications
  • Do you have a doctor’s prescription or referral
  • Any other relevant information related to your specific condition, goals or needs

Team Approach- It Takes Two:

When you are in with your therapist be sure to communicate openly throughout the session so they can be sure to accommodate your requests.  This includes the technique, pressure, the area being worked, focus area if you are wanting extra time focused in one area, or even the room temperature.

(*If you wait until the end of the session to ask for something different, the therapist will not have the chance to modify the session or change the course of the session, so in that case, the guarantee will not apply.)

Remember If you aren’t happy, We aren’t happy!

Experiencing stress or pain? Call today to schedule and get started.     (904) 351-8012

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