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Tibetan Bowl Sound Massage™


Sound has been used by many cultures for thousands of years to restore and retain health and well being. It has been used widely in Europe and other countries for treating many conditions from stress, anxiety, panic attacks, arthritis, post traumatic stress disorders (PTSD), stroke patients, cancer patients and many more conditions.  This method utilizes Tibetan bowls that have been specifically created and selected for healing and bringing the body back into harmony.   It is highly effective for pain reduction and recovery from injuries, as well as reducing the cumulative effects of daily stress.  Sound massage is deeply relaxing.  In the session you will remain clothed and relax on the massage table as the bowls are placed on or around your body.  You will feel deeply relaxed after your session and will be amazed at how well your body feels.

Fee: $75

Zen Shiatsu




Zen Shiatsu is an acupressure system from Japan developed by shiatsu master Shizuto Masunaga in the 1950’s. The effects of Zen Shiatsu go much deeper, and can help the organs, the nervous system,  hormones, as well as your muscles, joints and tendons.  In a Zen Shiatsu session the practitioner senses imbalances in the Meridian system. Blockages in this system may result in stagnation which leads to dis-harmonies in the body. Symptoms of blockages in the meridian system may include anything from muscular pain, swelling, excess mucus, skin irritations, confusion, memory loss and stress.  The state of balance is known as the harmony of the yin and yang.  Treating the meridians through a Zen Shiatsu session can reduce tension in the body, alleviate pain, headaches, back and leg pain, facilitate the elimination of waste from the body, boost the immune system, strengthen circulation and help to regulate the endocrine and nervous system.  It helps to maintain vitality, flexibility and balance in active people.

Fee:  $85

Table Top Thai Therapy

HS Table Top Thai

Table top Thai massage use slow compression, rhythmic movements, and passive stretching. Gentle pressure is used along the body’s energy lines to balance the body as well as to increase flexibility and ease muscle and joint tension. This therapy is deeply relaxing and energizing. No oil is applied, and the session is performed with your clothes on.  Be sure to wear comfortable and loose fitting clothing.

Fee: $85

Raindrop Therapy

HS Raindrop

The Raindrop technique is based on a Native American healing practice shared with Dr. Gary Young by a Lakota medicine man named Wallace Black Elk.  This technique uses pure essential oils that contain anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.  The person receiving the raindrop technique is treated face down. The oils are dropped along the spine like gentle raindrops and then  massaged in with the Lakota feathering motion. This is a powerful, yet relaxing session that may benefit many health conditions.

Fee:  $100

Thai Herbal Ball Massage

HS Thai Herbal Ball Massage

Experience a healing luxury from the East. Thai Herbal balls are filled with aromatic herbs that are heated and pressed into the skin and muscles during the massage. The soothing heat and healing herbs combine to quickly relax and release tight muscles, speed circulation and promote healing to the various body areas. All while taking you into a deeply relaxing, yet healing experience.

Fee: $85

Rainbow Therapy™


Rainbow therapy is a holistic or integrative therapy that may be used alone or in conjunction with other therapies.  Rainbow therapy works directly on the body through the use of light and color.  It affects not only the physical body, but the bio-field of the body as well.  Specific colors are used for specific conditions.  Every person’s response is different and may vary from a decrease in pain levels, feeling relaxed and balanced or energized.  The effects of Rainbow Therapy to reduce stress, anxiety and pain is powerful, yet gentle on the body.

Fee:  $60 Stand alone session

$20 add on to to other therapies

Acu-Chi Therapy™

HS Acu Chi

This therapy modality combines the principles of acupuncture, massage, energy medicine, and electro-therapy. This is a non-invasive approach that can produce superior results over traditional pain therapy techniques, in a fraction of the time, without harmful side effects. The results are so impressive that complete or substantial relief from pain may occur in the first or second treatment.

Fee: $85

Balanced Breathing Therapy™

HS Balanced Breathing

Is your body stuck in “stressed breathing” verses “balanced breathing”? The body was designed to breathe in a specific way to energize and enhance your bodily functions and health. We can move out of this form of balanced breathing over time and not even be aware that it has occurred. Improper breathing is linked to many illnesses and diseases and unnecessary stress on the body, whereas proper breathing enhances your health and well being. In a Balanced Breathing session your breathing pattern will be assessed and you be will educated on the differences between stressed or improper breath function and balanced breathing. You will experience a therapy method that can make changes in your breathing pattern in one session. We will share with you some “at home methods “to continue to enhance the work that was done in your session. Isn’t it time you took a load off your chest and re balanced your breathing to the proper method, and as a result improve your health.

Fee: $85

Shiatsu Barefoot Massage

HS Barefoot Shiatsu Massage Technique

Shiatsu Barefoot massage is an ancient form of bodywork. The therapist works with their bare feet providing you with a deep and relaxing massage. It combines Swedish, Myofascial, and compression therapy. The pressure can be adjusted from a light Swedish massage  to the very deepest massage. The pressure is constant and evenly maintained.  Areas of tension and restriction are easily released with the smooth, deep compression strokes of barefoot massage.

Fee: $85

Detox Foot Spa

HS footspa1

This is a gentle method to release toxins from the body through a warm foot bath or “ashiyu” in Japanese, that uses ions to pull toxins out of over 2000 pores in your feet. The foot spa leaves you feeling relaxed and refreshed. This service includes foot reflexology as well as the application of pure essential oils. Our clients with neuropathy have seen a great deal of improvement with this service.  Take some of the stress off your body, detox today and feel for yourself the many benefits.  Try it and you too will say “My feet never felt so good”!

Fee: $50

Ear Candling

HS Ear Candleing

This is a technique that is very effective and has been used by many cultures for healing including the Egyptians. You will experience the power of this technique with your first session. This method is effective for removing excess wax, bacteria, etc. You will feel the warmth into the ears and the deep relaxation that this method invokes. You will be amazed at what you see eliminated at the end of the session. Many report a greater and more acute hearing ability after the excess waste is removed. Includes 2 candles for each ear.

Fee: $60

TLC Treatment

HS TLC Treatment

The TLC treatment is a blending of essential oils and several liquid herbal formulas that will leave your muscles warm and relaxed.  One part of the formula is Tei Fu which was developed and perfected by a Chinese herbalist several decades ago.  He created it using an ancient formula that was passed down in his family for more than 1,000 years.  His secret formula was not for sale-a trait typical of older generation Chinese.  This descendant realized the benefits of his family secret and decided it was too good to keep from others. The various blends are layered on the back in a specific order that will have a deeply relaxing and healing effect on the muscles. Add on the TLC treatment to any massage session.

Fee: $10 add on to other therapies


HS Oxyciser 1

The oxyciser machine provides a side to side movement to the body.  You simply lie down and relax with your ankles on the oxyciser as the machine moves your body.  Movement can stimulate blood circulation, lymphatic flow and improve your immune system.  It aids in relaxing nerves and muscles as well as relieving tension in the back, neck and shoulders.  We have found it beneficial for those suffering from circulatory problems as well as neuropathy.

Fee: $20 for 15 minutes


HS Parafin Treatment

The use of paraffin therapy has been traced back to the Roman Empire.  In ancient times Romans would pour the hot wax on the body in preparation for massage therapy.  The French embraced paraffin therapy by spreading it on wounds to accelerate healing. The British used paraffin in World War 1 to treat orthopedic issues in the military hospitals.  In modern times, paraffin is widely used to help in the treatment of conditions such as:  Arthritis, Bursitis, Eczema, Fibromyalgia, Inflammation, Muscle Spasms, Stiff Joints, Tendonitis and much more. We use paraffin that is blended with pure essential oils for a synergistic healing benefit.

You can request a paraffin treatment as a stand alone treatment, or incorporate it into your massage session. The soothing heat is so healing and relaxing that you will be so glad you selected this special treat for the hands or feet.

Paraffin Treatment:

Fee:  $20  1 area hands or feet

Fee:  $25  2 area combo hands & feet

Fee: $15 add on to other therapies


Our services are the best and most unique in the area.   Our Massage Therapy services can provide you with natural relief from conditions such as: Headaches, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Low Back Pain, Sciatica, Leg Pain, Foot Pain, Fatigue, Lymphatic issues,  Stress and much more!  The Health Studio provides high quality and customer satisfaction.  We will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

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