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Aromatherapy products to harmonize the body's 5 Elements


Elemental Balance Aromatherapy Spray

This product is based on the five element theory of Chinese Medicine.  In our many years of study we have learned that all body systems, organs and meridians are linked to one of the five elements.  If you balance the elements, the body can naturally move more easily into balance.  This product is key to helping in this process, once you have had an Elemental Balance session.

                             8 oz. Price $20

 Elemental Balance Aromatherapy Spray-Fire Element fire_symbol

The fire element is expansive and radiant. It is linked to thinking, feeling, memory and imagination.  An imbalance will show up as poor memory, lack of drive and ambition.  Since the fire element is linked to the heart balancing the fire element will balance the emotions and will activate a sense of passion and desire.

                               8 oz. Price $15.00

Earth_symbolElemental Balance Aromatherapy Spray-Earth Element

The earth element is associated with the intellect. It is responsible for thinking, concentrating, studying and memorizing. An imbalance can show as confusion, and poor memory, and digestive distress. Balanced earth allows you to easily absorb and analyze new ideas and                                          information.

                               8 oz. Price $15.00
Elemental Balance Aromatherapy Spray-Metal Element

Metal ads order and definition.  It works with the process of taking in and letting go.  An imbalance in the metal element can create a pattern of being "stuck" as in being stuck in a pattern of regret, loss or grief.  Balanced metal allows you to accept change and move forward with ease.
                               8 oz. Price $15.00


Water_symbol Elemental Balance Aromatherapy Spray-Water Element

The water element contains within itself the potential of growth and regeneration.  It is associated with inner strength and the ability to endure. An imbalance in the water element will show up as fear, anxiety, insecurity, lack of confidence. Balanced water is calm, confident, resourceful and resilient.
                               8 oz. Price $15.00   

Elemental Balance Aromatherapy Spray-Wood Element

Balanced wood allows one to envision, dream, plan. You feel motivation and ambition. An imbalance of wood will show up as  anger, irritability, moodiness and even depression. Balanced wood is calm, organized           
                   and able to move forward with plans and goals easily and effectively.  
                             8 oz.Price $15.00                                                                  

Meany Bath-
This product was developed when Leiah's son was 3 years old. He's in college now!  He would choose this product over bubble baths every time.  This bath salt blend helps take away the meanies you may have picked up during your day from negative people or places.  After a 20 minute soak you will be back to your sweet, lovable self.
6 oz. Price $10.00


Meany Spray-
Leiah developed this to rapidly shift your environment and the atmosphere that surrounds you.  When her children were small she would send it into the classroom to help the teacher's keep the meanies away.  Spray your room, car, office,or anywhere you want to clear the meanies.  The shift is very rapid and helps improve moods, moral and energy.  If you need to clear some clutter just spray the area before taking on that big project.
8 oz. Price $15.00





Enjoy the soothing aroma's of the South.  This blend will relax and soothe your stress and tension.  These blends of the Southern aroma's will take you to a tranquil and serene state of mind.
6 oz. Price $10


Change your vibration.....change your life!

More and more people are becoming aware of the concept of energy vibration.  If your energy vibrates at a low frequency you have a tendency to attract lower vibrational events, negativity, etc.  If you live with a high energy vibration you draw to you people, events, etc of a higher matching frequency. This is also known as resonance. Like attracts like. An example would be love (which is a high vibration vs. hate which is at a lower vibration).  The soap blends below have been formulated to help shift your energy vibration and help shift you in the process.  We have created formulas for some of the most common areas that people have asked for.  Select the one that feels right for you and enjoy the way your mind, body and spirit feel after a relaxing shower or bath.

This soap was created for those seeking greater abundance in their lives.  Abundance is not just about money.  It is about having more than enough in all areas, whether that be in love, friendships, health or wealth.  You will enjoy the subtle changes this soap can bring.  Who knew good vibrations could feel so good!

2 oz.  $6.00     4 oz.  $10.00

Attitude Adjustment
They say in the song that changes in latitude effects changes in attitude.  So when you can't escape from the drudges of life with a tropical escape, then escape in the shower with this refreshing soap. The soap smells help shift your attitude to gratitude.

2 oz.  $6.00   4 oz.  $10.00

Are you feeling out of tune and out of balance?  Does your day to day world seem to be just a little bit out of sync? Restore your inner rhythm and  balance and bring yourself back into harmony.The smell of great soap and a tranquil bath or shower can bring harmony to even the most stressful day.

2 oz.  $6.00   4 oz.  $10.00

Peace and Calming
Have your nerves become frazzled from to much stress.  Stress is the leading cause of many diseases today.  Our nervous systems can become overloaded with so much technology, busy schedules and the high demands of modern life.  Take a calming shower or bath and help shift your nervous system and energy back to the peaceful and calm state of a lazy summer day.

2 oz. $6.00    4 oz.  $10.00

Sophia's Choice
Life is full of choices. There are benefits and consequences to the choices we make.  When we make wise choices we benefit.  Negative choices bring negative results. Sophia's choice was blended to help bring out the inner wisdom that is inherent in us all. Remember thoughts become things...choose them wisely. Let time in the shower or bath with this soothing soap blend help lead you through your inner wisdom to ideas, solutions, positive thoughts and good vibrations!
          2 oz.  $6.00    4 oz. $10.00

    RAINBOW Meditation CD

Relax on a guided healing journey.  This CD takes you on a deeply relaxing journey of color to restore balance and harmony to your Body, Mind and Spirit.  This is effective for those wanting to relax and unwind after a stressful day, as well as those experiencing blockages and pain in their body.  Your body will thank you for the journey.
Price:  $10.00

Bio-freeze is a product used for relieving pain in sports injuries, arthritis, sore muscles and joints, sprains and backache.  It works using cryotherapy, a process which cools the area and relieves pain by reducing blood flow to the area and reducing the ability of the nerves to conduct pain stimuli.

Bio-freeze contains Ilex, which is an herb extracted from a South American holly shrub.  Ilex is traditionally used by Paraguayan Indians and is added to the product to help the gel to penetrate the affected areas.  Bio-freeze is sold in three formats: tube, spray and roll-on.


Bio-freeze 3 oz. Roll On
Price:  $12.00


Bio-freeze 4 oz. Spray
Price:  $12.00


Bio-freeze 4 oz. Tube
Price: $12.00

Tibetan Healing Bowls-These bowls are the highest quality available for sound healing sessions on yourself or in the treatment of others.  Please visit our full store site International Sound Healing Institute  When ordering use the reference code HS1.



Natures Sunshine Herbs & Vitamins-
This is the product line that we personally take as well as our family.  We recommend these to our clients and students as they are  pharmaceutical grade, and are the highest quality available in the market.  To order at wholesale cost click this link:   natures sunshine and enter the sponsor code 1901093-6.  You can join for free with a $40 minimum order.  You are then able to purchase top quality products at wholesale cost!




Young Living Essential Oils-
This is the company that we use for ourselves, family and clients.  They have some of the highest quality oils in the aromatherapy industry.  To purchase at wholesale cost contact us direct and learn how you can get the highest quality oils at great prices.

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