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Insurance Coverage and Massage Therapy

Massage therapy for pain management and injury recovery is covered by many insurance carriers, depending on the policy details. With a prescription from your primary Physician many insurance carriers cover massage therapy or manual manipulation of soft tissue which can help you heal and recover from various types of personal injuries,and conditions.  Therapy for work related accidents, and work related injuries are covered by workman’s compensation insurance. Your doctor will usually prescribe massage in lieu of large doses of medication, which often have very harmful side effects.. Massage therapy is a natural approach to treating your injury and pain. You can discuss this option with your Physician, and request massage therapy services as part of your treatment plan.


You first need a prescription and letter of referral from your primary care Physician.  We will need to verify your coverage to insure your carrier pays for massage therapy. Below is a link to a referral form you can print out and take with you to your Physician. 

Prescription Letter of Referral Form      


Worker Compensation

Did you know that your employer will cover your massage therapy treatments to aid in the recovery of your injury?

You first need a prescription/letter of referral from your primary care physician. Simply click below, print the form and take it to your Physician to be completed.  Next book your appointment and bring the form with you to your first visit.  You can also fax over the completed form so that we can confirm all coverage details with your insurance carrier prior to your appointment.

      Prescription Letter of Referral Form


Personal Injury

You can receive the benefits of massage therapy to help in your recovery from a personal injury or accident. Your personal injury attorney can present us with a letter of protection which can cover your treatments 100%. Please contact us for additional information.

        Prescription Letter of Referral Form


Major Medical

Insurance carriers have been incorporating massage therapy to minimize your recovery time from injury, save money and reduce the use of pain medications that have various side effects that can lead to additional health problems.

We accept the following insurance carriers (dependent on policy details):



Blue Cross and Blue Shield

Humana Healthcare

United American


United Healthcare


And many more

All that is needed is that your policy have out of network benefits.  You first need a prescription letter of referral from your primary care physician.

Prescription Letter of Referral Form


Medicare patients get natural soothing pain and stress relief with massage therapy maintenance benefits. We allow two massage sessions a month.  The out of network costs is $35.00 per visit, (co-pay).  We request you initially have your Physician complete a Prescription Letter of Referral Form, which you can bring with you on your first visit.

   Prescription Letter of Referral Form 


    Medicaid PAC Waiver

Medicaid PAC Waiver is accepted at the Health studio. Medicaid will pay for two 1 hour sessions per month with a referral from your doctor. You must first have a prescription letter of referral completed by a referring physician. Take the referral form to your case manager and request an authorization. Once you have completed all of this your case manager will give you an authorization form and a copy of your prescription to bring to our facility. and then we can get started. Your case manager can also fax the referral form and a copy of your current prescription directly to us at 904-744-6108.

Bring in a completed referral form and we can get started right away!

Prescription Letter of Referral Form


Call us and we can email or fax you a prescription letter of referral to take to your Physician or you can simply download and print the form by clicking the link below:

               Prescription Letter of Referral Form               

Is your insurance company not listed? Call us for additional  information, and we will be glad to research your carrier.

Phone or text your request to: 904-351-8012

Fax your completed Prescription Letter of Referral Form to:


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