3 Mar admin Health

Goals, Stress & Rewards

Do you ever find that while you are focusing on your goals, and moving towards your goals, that you encounter challenges? Sometimes even significant challenges that raise your stress level to the top of the measurement meter?  Well if that’s the case, then know you are not alone.  As you work towards achieving a goal, often ones with big rewards, the challenges can seem and often are larger and harder.  As you encounter these challenges and stressful situations how do you handle the negative effects of the stress?  Do you use coping mechanisms that arise from your past such as seeking food or alcohol to comfort and ease the stress?  Do you unconsciously reduce the stress through consumerism and purchase things you may not need or can’t afford.  Well these are certainly a few of the ways that people cope with stress, often times on an unconscious or unaware level.  As you work towards your goals there needs to be a reward in sight at the end.  The accomplishment of the project, obtaining the degree or career advancement, the completion of a long journey of growth is a reward, but what else do you include?  One way to help in the goal-stress cycle is to include a healthy reward at the end of completing your goal, and along the way as well.  This type of reward is far more beneficial then adding extra body weight, harming your long term health, incurring additional debt or any of the other items that come with the negative goal-stress-reward pattern.  Consider adding in healthy rewards like a 30 minute massage.  Just imagining this reward can help lower your stress.  Or perhaps a relaxing foot reflexology massage, a mini facial session, etc.  The healthy options are endless.  You just need to become aware of your current pattern, ask whether you are coping and rewarding yourself in a healthy way or negative way.  If negative then simply make the decision to change and make better, healthier choices.  It’s all your choice in the end, and it’s your body, mind and spirit that pay the price for the choices you make.  Consider making new healthy choices that will pay dividends in improved health for years to come and allow you to continue to set and achieve new goals with great rewards!