16 Feb admin Health

Managing Anxiety-Naturally

Anxiety and the cumulative effects of stress can show their symptoms suddenly.  Whether that displays as constrictions in your muscles, pain, headaches or other symptoms, there are natural solutions that can help.  

One solution is the use of aromatherapy and the beneficial properties of pure essential oils.  One such oil, known as the universal oil because it contains so many beneficial effects to a variety of issues is Lavender. This plant and the essential oils from it have been used for centuries.

Lavender has a calming effect on the body and mind.  You can apply the oil to the bottom of your feet, the back of the neck or spine and have an overall body effect.  You can diffuse the essential oil into your environment or simply breathe in the wonderful scent to help activate the calming effect in your body.  

This is a simple natural solution that when combined with massage therapy can have an even greater synergistic effect to help reduce stress and the cumulative effect that can contribute to feelings of anxiety.  So the next time you’re feeling stressed and feel the anxiety building, consider applying the pure essential oil of lavender and feel the effects first hand.