14 Feb admin Health

At Valentine's Day remember to love & treat yourself

On Valentine’s Day we show others how much we care with cards, candy, flowers and words of affection. As you make time to show others how much you care, don’t forget to make time for yourself.  Taking time for yourself is important to your health and overall well being.  With the day to day demands of life, the influx of constant information and the overload it creates, the demands of family and relationships it can be challenging.  Often times others and the list of demands come first and time for taking care of you falls to the back of the line and the bottom of the list.  While this can seem like the right way…to put others first, constantly making yourself second comes at a price.  The price you pay may not show up today, but in time it will.  The price paid will show up in increased stress, loss of productivity, anxiety, headaches, neck pain from the emotional load of carrying the world on your shoulders.

So as your taking time to show others you care, do the same for yourself.  Whether this is in the form of a few minutes of quiet time and deep breathing, a short time outdoors to take in nature and some sunshine (and it’s free Vitamin D benefit), listening to music that moves you or taking a step up on your care level and scheduling yourself a massage.  This is demonstrating self care which is good care.  Your body is meant to last a lifetime, and to feel good the entire way.  Massage Therapy is one option that can help you and your body feel good, recharge your mind, and re-energize you so that you can handle the long list of life’s to-do’s with out the cumulative effect of stress weighing you done.

So remember this Valentine’s Day to treat your first true Valentine—yourself!  Your body, mind and spirit will be happy you did.