2 Feb admin Wellness

Reduce Stress & Improve productivity

Studies show that stress is the leading cause of illness and disease.  Did you know that it also effects your productivity.  We often think the longer we work and the harder we push the more productive we are at our task.  Studies show that the outcome is often the opposite.  Stress adds to your mental fatigue and this is when errors easily occur…causing unnecessary added work.  Stress also diminishes our creativity.  A creative mindset can help to quickly solve problems, come up with solutions, and allows you to develop new and inspiriting concepts.

So it if you think that burning the midnight candle, and burning it at both ends leads to more productivity you couldn’t be further from the truth.  Taking breaks, including time outdoors, exercise-even a short walk around the office or your home can help with clearing the mind.  Scheduling time for relaxation where you give the “busy” mind and body some time to recharge can work wonders for your productivity, mental focus, creativity, and improved overall health and well being.  So take time, recharge and schedule and massage to reduce your stress and improve your productivity.