18 Jan admin Health

Boost Your Immune System-Naturally

The TV ads seem to bombard us with images of people with colds and the flu.  If this isn’t enough to make you worry then the daily news will certainly do their part.  Don’t let the images you see and the news disturb your peace of mind.

There are natural solutions to boost your immune system.  After all the immune system is what works both day and night to keep you healthy, and to help you recover should you catch a cold or have an illness.

Did you know that Manual Lymphatic Drainage helps to boost your immune system.  The best part is the added benefit of relaxation.  Your lymphatic system IS your immune system.  Keeping it in top form allows your body to stand strong in the face any virus or bacteria in the environment.

Your immune system or lymphatic is your army of protection.  The lymphatic system works through movement and deep breaths.  This is why it is so important to incorporate movement into your day.  Even a short walk does wonders for your immune system.  A sedentary lifestyle reduces the efficient function of your lymphatic system and the resulting immune fighting actions.

You can tune up your lymphatic system, increase the efficiency and experience deep relaxation in one session.  Consider adding a 30 minute or a 1 hour Manual Lymphatic Session to your cold and flu season defense.  Your body and mind will thank you at the end of the session.